You’ve worked hard heading to the summit

Your path has been sure, getting to where you want to be in life. You welcome the challenges, but seek a degree of safety as you climb toward your pinnacle. You are unique, and so are your investment needs. You deserve experienced guides, who understand your values and are able to lead you with sound and insightful investment advice that will help you reach your next goals.
Hotaling Investment Management provides customizable financial guidance, with absolute integrity in handling your personal, or your institution’s, affairs. We’d like to be your trusted partner in this journey, informing you every step of the way, steering you clear of undue risk, and leading you along a confident path to your ultimate destination. Click here to stay informed.


Our exclusive Hotaling Method develops and tends a unique customized investment portfolio designed to maximize your investment potential. The Pinnacle Club delivers extraordinary hands-on attention to the demands of our top tier investors.


gear2-large  THE PELOTON

Specialized understanding of the uncommon needs of the ProCycling community allows us to create a plan and portfolio that responds to the expected, and unexpected, climbs and coasts of a cyclist’s career for a secure financial future.


flower-small WEALTH FOR WOMEN

Now more than ever, women are wearing multiple hats, both within the family structure and in the workplace. Our full scope analysis and solutions help balance your present needs with your future goals.


We will first lead you through a thorough analysis process to reveal a detailed picture of your financial life. Our expert guides will then chart your surefooted Financial Plan to a brighter future.