A Visit From Jack and Bliss

The lazy days of summer are offering many of us a chance to escape the “daily hunt,” enjoy some well-deserved R & R, or take in new experiences. I encountered such an opportunity last weekend when, for the first time, I came face to face with one of nature’s most majestic and marvelous creatures. I was enjoying morning coffee on the veranda of the Hershey Hotel when I was pleasantly surprised with a visit by Jack and Bliss.

Bliss is an 8 ½ pound golden eagle, named after a Hershey chocolate. Tethered to Jack’s arm, she was well fixed to his thick leather glove, and surprisingly seemed even more relaxed, and at home, than the typical Hershey guest. Her hood is a nod to the Central Asian tradition, where there is a long history of hunting with birds of prey and the grand hunting birds stalk animals as large as wolves. I could only imagine her wings spread to their roughly 5-foot span, soaring and gliding over green meadows with a sharp eye seeking prey.

Bliss is a stunning creature, larger than life, as are her mythic hunting skills. Golden eagles, while raptors with talons like nothing I have ever seen before, are also said to be loyal and monogamous. Jack Hubley, a master falconer, is the type of partner or master I would wish for any kept animal. It’s nearly unimaginable to think of Bliss as a pet. But Jack passionately shared stories about her with us and it’s obvious Bliss is in good and capable hands.

Bliss and Jack made it clear that while falconry is a sport, so to speak, it is also a window into centuries old link between man and nature. What an odd juxtaposition to meet Bliss calmly sitting on Jack’s arm while beneath her hood she has the vision, strength and speed that only one of mother nature’s finest creations possess.

While profitable investing looks as if it requires wild and predatory hunting skills, I can see deep in Bliss’s eyes that we share the same patience and integrity in pursuing our targets for successful outcome.