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Entrepreneur Works

EW_Logo_cmykEntrepreneur Works creates pathways of opportunity for talented yet underserved entrepreneurs. Across the Philadelphia region our clients start and grow small businesses, create jobs for themselves and their neighbors, and strengthen the local economy. As a non-profit organization offering access to small business loans, training, and one-on-one counseling, Entrepreneur Works empowers small business owners from all walks of life to succeed, prosper and build sustainable communities.

Since launching its microloan fund, Entrepreneur Works has created opportunities by supporting 4,000 entrepreneurs, making 400+ microloans and investing a total of $1.3M directly into neighborhood businesses.

Results from our most recent client survey show that Entrepreneur Works is making a positive impact in the lives of our clients. In 2013 our clients had an average business start rate of 50% and an average business survival rate of 92%. Moreover, the client businesses we served in 2013 created or retained more than 100 local jobs.

Entrepreneurs in Greater Philadelphia represent a broad diversity of populations, many of whom do not fit the traditional “business owner” mold. Philadelphia’s entrepreneurs include low-income individuals, women, immigrants, emerging millennials, ex-offenders, and artist-entrepreneurs, among others. In 2014, 84% of Entrepreneur Works’ clients identified as members of a racial minority, while 67% resided in low- to moderate-income households. 59% were women.

Leslie Benoliel and her team have done an extraordinary job over the years by helping to jump start local entrepreneurs with training, access to resources and a community of peers. It’s heartening in today’s world to see just how successful “the little guy” can be. This is something close to my heart with my association with the Merchants Fund – advocating for both Philadelphia and for the focused development and investment in urban economic growth – through the catalyst of community based small business.

Visit MyEntrepreneurWorks.org to learn more.

Merchants Fund of Philadelphia

TMF_logoThe Merchants Fund is a part of the fabric of Philadelphia. As the Chair of the organization’s board, Bruce is extremely proud of the way the Merchants Fund links its resources with neighborhoods and corridors throughout the city to help merchants in need. Its direct grants can breathe new life into a small business in need of help, and create continuity for the owner, the employees, their families and the Philadelphia community as a whole.

The Merchants Fund has a long and proud history in Philadelphia of helping merchants when the chips are down, however circumstances may have led to that point. The resurgence of the food and food related businesses (urban farming, food trucks, neighborhood restaurants, corner groceries) in Philadelphia has taken on a life of its own. The Fund is very involved in this industry as it is so critical in bringing neighborhoods together, and to the attention of the greater community.

Executive Director, Patricia Blakely, is all about Philadelphia. She has her fingers in every pie, and takes great joy in directing the Merchants Fund’s efforts to make a difference to businesses in need.  

Learn more at http://merchantsfund.org/



InGamba LogoAvid cyclists with wanderlust and discerning palates will appreciate InGamba’s world-class cycling vacations. Bruce Hotaling has embarked on these memorable journeys with Joao Correia and company with rides along some of the most beautiful scenic roads through Italy’s Chianti wine country. Every aspect of your experience is anticipated – from the clothing and equipment you’ll need, to accommodations and a coffee break along the route. When they say they’re passionate about riding, food, wine and culture they do not say so lightly.

In addition to your guides, your group is accompanied by a full-time mechanic and a mythical soigneuer who make your rides, and recoveries, worry-free. Racing quality bicycles are provided for your journey, as well as InGamba’s famous rain bag with a full outfit including jersey, shorts and accessories, as well as your souvenir cap and tee.

Food and drink are as integral to the enjoyment of the trips as is the riding. You’re not just eating at a tourist restaurant – you are savoring the culture and cuisine of a region prepared by the best chefs and restaurants that cannot be found in a guidebook. In addition you will enjoy unique cultural activities and an insider’s knowledge of the places you visit. You’ll immerse yourself in a world most visitors never even know exists.

InGamba trips are led by former procyclist Joao Correia, who also taps his connections and invites fellow pros along for the ride. You’ll meet current and professional cyclists, not just for a handshake or autograph, but for a draft, some encouragement, and maybe even a little torture followed by the best dessert of your life. Some of our pro guests have included Ted King (Cannondale), Laurens Ten Dam (Blanco), Stefan Denifl (iAM) and Sergio Paulinho (Saxo Bank-Tinkoff).

Explore more at http://ingamba.pro/

Gearing Up

GearingUpLogo 2Bruce Hotaling was first introduced to Kristin Gavin while on a cycling trip in Tuscany. By coincidence, a former colleague of hers was on the trip, and mentioned that Kristin had started an organization in Philadelphia called Gearing Up. Once home, Bruce met with Kristin and was taken with her energy, her good intention, her passion for cycling and the fantastic potential of Gearing Up.

Gearing Up shares Hotaling Investment Management’s mission of caring for women in transition. “Wealth for Women” is a core focus of Hotaling Investment Management, and the same brand applies to Gearing Up, which is focused on creating other forms of wealth (physical, community, emotional).

The organization has remained one of Bruce’s passion projects because of the nature of its work and the incredible impact it has made to further positive changes in the lives of women in transition from dramatic and tenuous situations. He supports Gearing Up through working with the board, fundraising and creating community connections to expand Gearing Up’s presence and capabilities.

Based in Philadelphia, Gearing Up provides women in transition from abuse, addiction, and/or incarceration with the skills, equipment, and guidance to safely ride a bicycle for exercise, transportation, and personal growth. While in transition, bicycling offers a mode of transportation, opportunities for social connectedness and employment, as well as countless psychological and physical health benefits.

A primary goal of Gearing Up is to provide women with regular coaching, mentoring, and support to make healthy lifestyle changes, promote personal growth, and use biking for transportation. The voluntary program works with four partner programs in Philadelphia: Interim House, CHANCES, Kirkbride Center and Gaudenzia Washington House. Women track miles to meet milestones and achieve confident independence. Those who achieve goals and complete the program are awarded with a bicycle of their own, riding away with the life skills necessary to promote cycling as a means of transportation and self-sufficiency.

Gearing Up also works with women incarcerated in Philadelphia County Women’s Prison, Riverside Correctional Facility. Upon completion of the 8-week indoor program, the participants are invited to continue with Gearing Up for the duration of their incarceration as well as join Gearing Up’s outdoor biking program after release.

Learn more and get involved Gearing Up

High Road Cycles


Chip Homeier, the owner of High Road Cycles, is an old friend who happened to grow up just up the street from our Wayne office. Owning a bicycle shop in Wayne was one of his lifelong dreams. He has successfully directed High Road to the center of the local cycling community with continued efforts to make the store a true meet up, and to staff his store with knowledgeable, caring and engaged cyclists.

Chip founded High Road to Hope, a foundation oriented around childhood obesity and nutrition. He is also a good friend of Gearing-Up, another bicycle based organization dear to Bruce’s heart.

High Road caters to cyclists of all ability. This is important, as often a bicycle shop can be somewhat intimidating. Group rides leave the shop several times a week, for both advanced and novice riders. High Road Cycles in Wayne is the shop of choice on the Main Line for excellent service, quality bicycles and an anchor to the cycling community, whether you’re an accomplished rider or somewhat new to cycling and looking for some helpful tips. Bruce relies on the knowledgeable staff to help him with his cycling needs.

The crew at High Road Cycles can manage all your cycling necessities from repairs to technical issues relating to your equipment.

High Road Cycles, 165 W Lancaster Avenue Wayne, PA 19087   610-687-1110


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