Entrepreneur Works

EW_Logo_cmykEntrepreneur Works creates pathways of opportunity for talented yet underserved entrepreneurs. Across the Philadelphia region our clients start and grow small businesses, create jobs for themselves and their neighbors, and strengthen the local economy. As a non-profit organization offering access to small business loans, training, and one-on-one counseling, Entrepreneur Works empowers small business owners from all walks of life to succeed, prosper and build sustainable communities.

Since launching its microloan fund, Entrepreneur Works has created opportunities by supporting 4,000 entrepreneurs, making 400+ microloans and investing a total of $1.3M directly into neighborhood businesses.

Results from our most recent client survey show that Entrepreneur Works is making a positive impact in the lives of our clients. In 2013 our clients had an average business start rate of 50% and an average business survival rate of 92%. Moreover, the client businesses we served in 2013 created or retained more than 100 local jobs.

Entrepreneurs in Greater Philadelphia represent a broad diversity of populations, many of whom do not fit the traditional “business owner” mold. Philadelphia’s entrepreneurs include low-income individuals, women, immigrants, emerging millennials, ex-offenders, and artist-entrepreneurs, among others. In 2014, 84% of Entrepreneur Works’ clients identified as members of a racial minority, while 67% resided in low- to moderate-income households. 59% were women.

Leslie Benoliel and her team have done an extraordinary job over the years by helping to jump start local entrepreneurs with training, access to resources and a community of peers. It’s heartening in today’s world to see just how successful “the little guy” can be. This is something close to my heart with my association with the Merchants Fund – advocating for both Philadelphia and for the focused development and investment in urban economic growth – through the catalyst of community based small business.

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