Bruce Hotaling rides in L’Eroica through Tuscany in 2011.

Bruce Hotaling rides in L’Eroica through Tuscany in 2011.

Seen in Main Line Suburban Times, September 29, 2013

From Skyline Drive, to Sweden, to Tuscany – Bruce Hotaling flies over incredibly gorgeous landscapes, his feet inches off the ground.

An avid cyclist, Hotaling participates in elite rides including L’Eroica on the strade bianche, or “white roads,” through Italy’s Tuscan wine region. He’ll be there for the second time in his amateur career this October. The 204-kilometer ride is one of the most scenic, and most exclusive, amateur cycling events. “In order to participate, you must be entirely outfitted with vintage gear,” explains Hotaling, “that means everything from your handlebars to your spokes, and all that’s in between, has to have been created prior to 1985.” To that end, he restored his first bike ever, a 1984 Marinoni for this year’s ride.

In June, Hotaling rode in the Vätternrundan, a 300-kilometer race around Sweden’s second largest lake. It took about 8.5 hours with cyclists traveling an average 35 kilometers per hour. “The rolling terrain can be quite challenging when you’re cruising at that clip, for that duration,” says Hotaling.

His spark for pedaling was lit in 1989 during a ride with the Sleepy Hollow bike club. “Until that point, I had been a die-hard runner. But my doctor told me that my body couldn’t take pounding the road any more, so I switched to biking and couldn’t be happier. Rides like L’Eroica, especially, feed the soul because you’re riding through beautiful countryside, meeting interesting people, both in the cycling group and along the way, and experiencing the regional culture in a way that you wouldn’t during typical travel.”

Hotaling is the founder and principal of Hotaling Investment Management, LLC located in the heart of Wayne in the historic Bank building. Established in 2003, the firm creates and manages custom investment portfolios and financial plans for a select clientele, including the Wealth for Women program.

His sure-footedness in the industry comes from having 20 years in the investment business, and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, earned through the completion of a rigorous course of professional study. He prides himself on the accomplishments of his team, which consists of experienced guides who understand each client’s values and lead with sound advice to successfully navigate today’s complicated investment terrain.

In winter months, Hotaling can be found trekking snowy mountaintops, charting his own path to remote peaks, rather than following the lift lines and ski tracks of the crowded resorts.

Follow Bruce’s adventures and opinions in his blog at www.HotalingLLC.com.